iPhone: Create ‘Hey Siri, I’m…Over’ shortcut

The shortcut is – Hey Siri, I’m Getting Pulled Over Shortcuts save times and make storage more efficient on iOS where Hey Siri, I’m Getting Pulled Over, the shortcut can be downloaded or created your own. This feature basically is designed to help people to protect themselves in case of police encounters. Today, we’ll know Read more about iPhone: Create ‘Hey Siri, I’m…Over’ shortcut[…]

Razer’s $99 BlackShark V2 wired-gaming-headset features

…THX spatial audio Razer has recently released two models of the BlackShark V2 wired gaming headset, following up on the first model was launched all the way right in 2012. Of these two models, the $99.99 BlackShark V2 included more features, whereas the $59.99 BlackShark V2 X is a somewhat stripped down if we compare. Read more about Razer’s $99 BlackShark V2 wired-gaming-headset features[…]

Uber will acquire Routematch

Uber is going to acquire public transportation Software Company, Routematch. Uber declared that it will secure an Atlanta-based company Routematch. Routematch was founded in 2000 which built software for public transportation agencies. The news comes in the midst of the ride-hail organization’s more extensive drive into public transit. Uber didn’t uncover the deal terms. Routematch Read more about Uber will acquire Routematch[…]