iPhone: Create ‘Hey Siri, I’m…Over’ shortcut

The shortcut is – Hey Siri, I’m Getting Pulled Over Shortcuts save times and make storage more efficient on iOS where Hey Siri, I’m Getting Pulled Over, the shortcut can be downloaded or created your own. This feature basically is designed to help people to protect themselves in case of police encounters. Today, we’ll know Read more about iPhone: Create ‘Hey Siri, I’m…Over’ shortcut[…]

Apparent Facebook Bug On iPhones

There are many apps like Spotify and other apps that crashed on iPhones. A Facebook bug appears recently. Some popular apps including Pinterest, Spotify, and Tinder on iPhones were crashing last week. Due to the Facebook bug, it appeared to a widespread outage. It was a frustrating duration for users on their social media accounts. Read more about Apparent Facebook Bug On iPhones[…]