Social Media: viral-video making false coronavirus-claims

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube scrub platform’s viral-video making false claims of COVID-19. A group of doctors featured video was deleted by Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube that was making dubious and false claims about the coronavirus, after it went viral online Monday. The right-wing media outlet Breitbart News published this video, included a people group wearing Read more about Social Media: viral-video making false coronavirus-claims[…]

Apparent Facebook Bug On iPhones

There are many apps like Spotify and other apps that crashed on iPhones. A Facebook bug appears recently. Some popular apps including Pinterest, Spotify, and Tinder on iPhones were crashing last week. Due to the Facebook bug, it appeared to a widespread outage. It was a frustrating duration for users on their social media accounts. Read more about Apparent Facebook Bug On iPhones[…]