Google fined $684,000

The company has paid $684,000 over the ‘right to be forgotten’ failure for refusing to remove links, Belgian citizens, from Google Search.

On Tuesday, Google fined 600,000 euros or $684,000 after failing to comply with a request of right to be forgotten by Belgian data protection authority where the request was done from a reportedly high-profile Belgian citizen. The resident had requested Google to delete links to various news stories about him that was containing doubtful harassment claims as well as political labels which he claimed were not representative of convictions.

According to the 2014 EU court rules, European residents are permitted to ask web searches to delete the links from articles and websites if they have wrong or obsolete data about them which may affect badly their reputation. It comes under the “right to be forgotten” rule. Also, if the information is considered to be in the public interest and it’s accurate, then Requests can’t honor however it should be weighed against the person’s right to protection.

In a press release of French, The data protection authority stated that Google expressed a serious breach by rejecting the resident’s request to remove the link. And the company’s actions were particularly careless. He further expressed that since the facts are old, not established, and is probably going to have genuine repercussions for the complainant; the individual’s interests and rights concerned should prevail. 

Though, Google has also give comments by disputing the claim that it would appeal to the decision of data protection authority. The representative said that we have worked hard since 2014 to implement the right to be forgotten in Europe. He further included that they don’t think that this case met the European Court of Justice’s criteria as they thought it was in the public’s interest. They find it not fulfilling the criteria for delisting published journalism from search hence it was reporting remain searchable where the DPA also disagreed. Google will ask Courts to decide this case.

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