Android 10’s Faster Adoption rate

Android gets regular security updates from time to time where Android 10 is the latest one. Google has struggled long to update older devices to the Android latest version with device manufacturers. The company has announced that the adoption rate of Android 10 is on success than previous versions of android. Being the faster and easier, Android 10 has been come with Google Play system updates where it fixes most of the Security and Privacy updates.  

What features android 10 provides?

  • A brief list of Android 10 features is below;
  • Easter Egg game
  • Dark Theme
  • Digital Wellbeing
  • Smart reply 
  • Face ID-style authentication for logins 
  • Developer tools
  • Foldable support
  • Goodbye back button
  • 5 G and live caption
  • Developer tools for apps
  • security updates in the background
  • Closing privacy loopholes

The Faster Adoption rate of Android 10 –

Android 10 was released in September 2019 and within five months; 100 million devices installed said Google. It had a 28% faster installation rate than Android Pie took for the company to reach on a similar milestone. Then, Company was trying something like this over the years such as Project Treble of Android Oreo and Project Mainline of Android 10. Google credits to the company for faster adoption rate improvements of Android 10 that actually took years to get. For hardware companies, it made it easier to create new updates. At first, this version was released on some smartphones such as OnePlus 8, Samsung Galaxy S20, and others. then, later it was launched on others. With the dark mode, Face-ID, and many other security features, the Android 10 adoption rate increases.  

Google has posted about notably missing some crucial information, even if those numbers are impressive. The post noted about the true percentage of Android devices that are running Android 10. Maybe the number is lower than Google has expected. Indeed, Google stopped the breakdown percentage publishing of those devices which are running Android’s 10 version. The adoption rate of Android 9 Pie could have been looking back on where it was installed on 22.6 percent devices. In comparison to Apple iOS 13, above numbers pale that is 81% of all iOS devices. Still, Google is in the process of progress where we are hoping that it will manage for further development to continue with Android 11. Android 11 has chances to launch in later this year. Hopefully, it will adopt more than Android 10.  

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